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I'm Linda Furtado, founder and director of Cross Vocational. I believe that everyone is called to be a servant leader that is informed and empowered to serve.

From little kids learning to thrive in their strengths to aspiring executives church leaders looking for inspiration and tools for ministry. Let's work together to ensure that every business, club, church, and organization recruits and develops faithful leaders.

Living out our baptismal covenant is not easy, but it is deeply important to follow through with a life that is cross vocational, following Jesus as we work for the cause of Christ daily with eagerness, excitement, and excellence.

Become a Volunteer

Help bring our educational resources and experiences to the masses starting right where you are.

Quick Fundraising

Let's fund the current projects that are in development so they are ready for current and next generations.

Let's help each other live and lead by faith

Help Ministries Thrive

Live and lead by faith in God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

Help Leaders Now

Our resources and services are made with you in mind.

Lay Leaders and Volunteer Managers

Get help developing an effective action plans and processes for training and supporting current and future leaders in your ministry. Become the trainer that your ministry needs to develop a culture of call among your community of faith.

Pastors and Lay Pastoral Leaders

Gain insight into opportunities for those you serve to know their gifts and live into their strengths. Learn ways to help those you lead to learn how to ask for help and lean on one another's strengths and abilities within a community of faith.

Communicators and Evangelists

There are many ways to tell your story, to express who you are and encourage relationship building. Gain insight and training into how to connect with individuals and communities in your context.

Let us work with you and along side you in ministry.

Our Testimonials

What others say about Cross Vocational

We may be new to the name, but have been about this work for several years now and are excited to bring our past work under this new non-profit ministry umbrella.

I was inspired to create and give myself another 31 day challenge. I don't know that I would have completed it if I hadn't done the 31 Day Prayer Challenge first.

Risa Wheat

Laity, Prayer Challenge Participant

The professionalism of the team was phenomenal!! If there was glitches they were not known. Every aspect of the event was a success.

Rev. Geraldine W. McClellan

Clergy, Online Event Attendee

Linda is an amazing leader, coach, teacher, and friend. She has been a blessing to work with and I am glad to partner with her in ministry.

Rev. William T. Chaney Jr.

Coach and Clergy, Workshop Co-Facilitator

Monthly Donor Plans

You can choose your monthly package.

While fundraising for particular needs, events, and annual expenses is essential, we also have monthly offerings, subscriptions, and services that help sustain the work we do.

Fundraising Platform

As we get the non-profit up and running we are establishing the best service for accepting donations in various forms. Stay tuned. Once our donor platform is up and running we will make these packages available for accepting your recurring gifts toward this work.

Participant Sponsor Package


Every donor at this level is supporting our ability to pay for 2 parenting strengths assessments, 1 training registration, 1 workbook set, or postage for mailing participant toolkits. These and many more expenses are covered thanks to people like you.

Instructional Sponsor Package


While we do create unique and original trainings and resources we also help fund those interested in other tools for ministry. Your gift helps make it possible to provide Gallup Strengths assessments, IncredibleFamily assessments for parents and kids, one-to-one and group coaching, online course enrollments, and more.

Our Free Events

Get to know us. Attend the next event.

These events are free to you and made available as donor funding and time between self-care, family, church, and work allow. More to come as we grow capacity among our leaders and volunteer base.



You Are Invited to Pray With Us

Time: 9:30am 10:30am CST

Location: Hopin.com



Recruiting Servant Leaders

Time: 9:30am 10:30am CST

Location: Hopin.com



Meet Our Board of Directors

Time: 10:30am 11:30am

Location: Zoom



On-Demand Network + Workshop

Time: 10:30am 11300am CST

Location: Hopin.com

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